Video monitored container unloading

Security and transparency for your goods

Why you should choose video-monitored container unloading

You have surely experienced that your goods were damaged, lost or wrongly delivered. This is not only annoying, but also costly and time-consuming. They have to handle complaints, organize replacement deliveries and deal with dissatisfied customers. How can you avoid such problems? How can you ensure that your goods reach you or your customers in perfect condition and on time?

The answer is: video-monitored container unloading. Video-supervised container unloading is a LOGtimum service that offers you maximum security and transparency for your goods. We unload your containers by hand or forklift and pack the goods on pallets. We record the entire process with high-resolution cameras that capture every movement and every detail.

The advantages of video-monitored container unloading

This way you can always see how your goods have been handled, whether they are complete and undamaged, and whether they meet quality standards. You can access the videos online or use them as evidence in case of any discrepancies.

Video-supervised container unloading saves you time, money and nerves. You increase customer satisfaction and trust in your brand. They reduce the risk of theft, damage or misdelivery. And you always have an overview of your supply chain.


Ready for a secured delivery of your goods?